Top 37 Ways How to Lose Weight Naturally (Fat Burning Tips)

Top 37 Ways How to Lose Weight Naturally (Fat Burning Tips)

The obesity crisis that is sweeping the developing world has brought the search for weight loss methods to the forefront, with more and more people looking for easy, successful ways to lose weight and hold it off. We looked through some of the available scientific evidence and came up with the following 37 weight-loss strategies.

Aside from using the best weight loss pills, including using the top weight loss supplement in 2021, here are 37 legitimate ways on how to lose weight naturally in 2021 and help shed those quarantine-15 and extra pounds picked up over the pandemic due to the lockdown.

1. Cut Back On Calories


The weight loss industry is worth billions. Many self-proclaimed weight-loss experts work tirelessly to maintain the illusion that weight loss is difficult or that you have to purchase their book to discover the tricks to slimming down. The truth is that losing weight is straightforward: you must eat fewer calories than you burn (1). Almost anyone who is overweight or obese has to eat less if they want to start dropping weight. But it isn’t as simple as just “eating less.” You can’t, for example, simply cut out half of your normal daily food, if all the food you eat is pure junk food.

You must ensure that the food that caused you to put on weight in the first place isn’t the only thing you are eating. Consuming less is a great way to start your weight loss goal. But you should tweak the selection of appropriate foods and incorporate workouts into your routine to see real results.

2. Take up Aerobics

Aerobics first gained popularity in the 80s. Many people expected it would go away quickly, just like most trends at that time. However, a strange thing happened. Aerobic activity was discovered to be healthy for the spirit and an amazing way to shed weight and hold it off (2). As a consequence, aerobics is currently in its 4th decade and shows no signs of slowing down. As discussed at the beginning, the “magic” to weight loss is to eat fewer calories than you consume. Aerobics is a fantastic way to burn more calories. Of course, if you end the aerobics class and go straight to the pizza parlor, you won’t solve anything. But if you can stick to a low-calorie diet and get your daily dose of physical exercise, you have a fair chance of losing weight and holding it off.

3. Exercise with Weights

Most may want to look for the best weight loss supplements to drop weight, but in reality one should start lifting weights to burn fat faster. The subject of weightlifting has gotten a lot of coverage in the last 20 years. What scientists found is transforming the way we think of this once reserved for bodybuilders’ practice. Weightlifting turns out to be a healthy thing for elderly people (3) and an efficient way to reduce weight (4). As long as you remain diligent and perform compound lifts (movements that use more than one muscle or joint, such as a deadlift, squat, etc.) instead of solo lifts, only 30 minutes of weightlifting every week has been proven to burn fat and hold it off (bicep curls, etc.). So, if you’re at the gym and can’t decide between aerobics and lifting, remember that as long as you’re sticking to it, you can’t fail in each.

4. Go on a Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet (5) has been proving to be the most efficient low-carb diet, as it’s backed by research. It was created a century ago to support children who have epilepsy. Still, it fell out of fashion in the decades following World War II when new anti-seizure medications were invented. The diet’s idea is simple: eat no more than 30-50 grams of carbohydrates a day. But this is better said than achieved. Carbs are the body’s primary supply of energy. When you don’t eat them, the body falls back to its contingency state of burning fat for energy. It does this by entering the metabolic state known as “ketosis” (hence the “keto” diet). The end effect is that you lose weight by burning fat for energy, which many love to use keto supplements. The catch is that if you go beyond the carb cap, you’ll no longer be in ketosis and need to start all over again, which is somewhat normal given how carb-heavy most people’s favorite foods are, such as pizza and pasta.

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5. Improve Your Metabolic Rate

Several of our proposed weight-loss strategies have one thing in common: they both work by speeding up the metabolism. The pace your body has when converting the food you consume into energy is referred to as metabolism (6). People with a high metabolism are naturally lean, whereas those with a poor metabolism have weight problems. Another critical aspect of successful weight loss is boosting metabolism. Aerobic fitness, weight training, biking, and cycling all stimulate metabolism in different ways. The sooner your body burns off the calories you’ve consumed, the less will be accumulated as fat.

6. Log Your Food in a Diary


If heavy drinkers would log in a diary how much they are drinking, they’d see clear signs that they’re consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. If you, like many others, are in denial of how much you are eating, holding a food diary would put things into a sharper perspective, allowing you to confront the truth and take constructive steps. If you don’t want to keep track of your food on paper, you can choose any of the apps that come with a food log function. All these can also count the calories you take in, bringing things even more together. Food logs seem to perform their guilt-inducing magic whether or not you use them and whether you’re deliberately resisting taking something down. Your subconscious knows what to do.

7. Quit Sugar

When you eat more than 20 grams of sugar a day (like most Americans do), the extra sugar is processed as fat in a mechanism called “lipogenesis” (7). If you really want to drop your excess weight, cutting back or giving up on sugary beverages and desserts, as well as skipping adding sugar to your coffee, is an intelligent way to start. Excess sugar not only induces weight gain, but it also plays a role in the growth of insulin tolerance and, eventually, develops type 2 diabetes. If it works for you, switching to aspartame-sweetened beverages may be better. Although aspartame remains a highly controversial sugar substitute. Early studies showed there is no clinical proof that aspartame induces any health issues in its users (8), but a more recent study showed signs of mood swings and depression (9). So choose your trade-offs wisely.

8. Stick to a Daily Workout Routine

As we’ve shown, lifting weights is an effective way to burn fat, increase metabolism, and lose weight. Lifting weights randomly, on the other hand, would not get you anywhere. It’s essential that you stick to a plan. To reap the advantages of this exercise, you must lift at least two or three days a week consistently. Furthermore, while doing so, it’s important to maintain proper form while lifting. There would be three significant advantages coming from this. For starters, your muscles would be fully activated, allowing you to burn more calories. Second, it would guarantee that muscle development and metabolic improvements are maximized. Finally, it will save you from hurting yourself and having to take an excessive amount of time off to recover.

9. Go for a Bike Ride

The bike is probably one of man’s most significant innovations (10), but it has been replaced by the automobile (which isn’t all that convenient when you’re stuck in traffic). We waste time waiting in our cars doing nothing and evolved into a spare-tire culture. It does not have to be like this. Rather than paying for fuel, parking, tolls, and expanding the waistline driving, ride your bike to work. Not only will you lose weight (11), but you will also enjoy other health benefits of this activity. These benefits include a healthy heart, increased overall stamina, a lower chance of developing diabetes, getting to work with your brain oxygenated, and ready to handle any challenge, improved disposition, and better sleep.

10. Monitor Portion Sizes

It’s not really what we consume that causes weight gain, but usually how much we are eating. When eating from a container or the refrigerator, for example, people seem to lose count of how much they’re taking in (especially if the food is potato chips, burgers, or pizza). If you wish to lose weight, imposing portion control is the safest solution that entails plates. Your plate can be split as follows: 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 starch, and 1/4 lean meat. You can also try using smaller plates. It will help you cut back on the amount of food you eat, and if you follow that plan it should help you choose your food wisely.

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11. Go for Runs

We previously discussed aerobics and cycling. If none of these activities appeal to you, put on your track shoes and go for a run. Running has various short and long-term health benefits (12), including having people shed weight and hold it off. It engages a variety of muscles, rendering it one of the most efficient calorie-burner compared to walking (13) or several other forms of exercise. Running also inhibits the production of ghrelin. Ghrelin is a hormone that helps to control the appetite. As a result, ghrelin reduction is often mentioned in many weight-loss plans. You have a higher chance of losing weight if you can regulate your cravings. Moving, according to research, holds ghrelin activity in balance (14).

12. Increase the Protein Intake


Muscle growth necessitates the use of protein. So, if you’re trying to do strength exercise to help you lose weight, you’ll need to consume a lot of protein to see the best results. Protein doesn’t only help you gain muscle mass. If you aren’t lifting weights to gain muscle strength, consuming more of it will help with keeping the muscles you already have, no matter how much weight you are losing (15). And that’s not all. Increasing your protein intake will help you avoid high blood pressure, boost your metabolism, improve your stamina, and, maybe most significantly, curb your appetite (16). Lean meat is less in calories than its equivalent amount of carbs, so it can help in weight loss and maintenance.

13. Limit Beer Consumption

People who consume alcohol on a daily basis do so in addition to a regular diet. So, when a man in his 30s consumes the 2,500 calories he requires per day from food and then adds 3 or 4 drinks on top of it, he has consumed 600 calories more than he needs. If you do this daily for a couple of years, you’ll have a beer belly to brag about. When people drink a few beers, they seem to make poor dietary decisions, which further adds to the problem. In conclusion, if you drink alcohol and want to lose weight, you’ll have to give up something, and it won’t be vegetables and lean meat. You’ll have to cut your daily or social drinking if you want to shed weight.

14. Water, Water, Water

If you look up the effects of drinking water in the context of weight loss, you’ll see a lot of nutritionists and health experts promoting it. The idea is to have water before a meal or while eating. No matter what you’re eating, you will get a sense of fullness and consume less food. You won’t have sufficient stomach space to consume calorie-dense foods. Is this effective? It depends on who’s answering. Most people say it is, but there are few research studies on the matter that have shown mixed results (17). This indicates some researchers think it would be beneficial. In this situation, the safest advice is to give drinking water a shot. You have little to lose but weight because it’s only water.

15. Exclude Junk Food from Your Diet

This needs to be mentioned again because processed food is much more dangerous than most people believe. Junk food is high in fat and carbohydrates, which mostly end up around the belly, but there’s more to this. Since the body doesn’t digest burgers, tacos, and other fatty snacks as it does vegetables and lean meat, these foods wind up stored as fat. According to a 2010 report, the human body expends twice as much energy (calories) digesting healthy foods then it does to digest fast food (18). The meaning is clear: fast food is high in calories, and much of those calories are wasted and retained as fat.

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16. Exclude Low-Fat Foods

Avoiding low-fat foods doesn’t appear to make sense while you’re aiming to lose weight. However, that’s a smart thing because low-fat food always contains a lot of sugar to taste nicer. This isn’t an urban legend. Low-fat and non-fat diets have higher sugar content than their normal equivalents, according to a comprehensive comparative report conducted in 2016 (19). If you’re attempting to lose weight, more sugar is poor news because, as we discussed above, over 20 grams of sugar a day will turn into fat and sabotage your attempts. Buying fresh veggies and lean meats, rather than refined foods called “no-fat,” is a healthier choice since these are actually low in fat and sugar.

17. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep well if you intend to lose weight. What is the reason for this? People who are exhausted are also, most of the time, starving. According to research, those who don’t get enough sleep are more inclined to crave carbohydrates and calorie-dense meals than nutritious foods (20). Not just that, but their capacity to control their eating is often impaired, resulting in frequent overeating. As a result, if you are looking to slim down, you should get the usual 7-9 hours of sleep time each night. Another incentive to get adequate sleep is to maintain your health. Sleep deficiency has been linked to reduced amounts of blood leptin, says research (21). This is important since the hormone leptin aids in appetite regulation.

18. Get in the Habit of Weighing Yourself on a Regular Basis


Weighing yourself every 2 days isn’t going to help you lose weight, of course, but it will call your focus to minor weight gain, allowing you to make adjustments until things are in control. If you check how much you weigh rarely, you might gain significant weight and not know it. This can be demoralizing and make you feel as though your attempts had been in vain. The trick to having the most reliable measurements is to check the scale consistently at the same moment and under the same circumstances. So, if you have checked your weight before lunch, after going to the bathroom, and without wearing clothes, do it again next time.

19. Be Aware of What You’re Eating

Losing weight is difficult enough. It’s much more difficult if you don’t realize what you’re eating. This may be a major problem for those who consume many canned or refined foods. Canned foods contain secret carbs masked as sugar. That means you need to read the label on everything you’re considering putting into your stomach. Sodium levels in packaged and refined foods are often large. Excess sodium consumption has been found to encourage overeating and gaining weight, in addition to increasing the risk of stroke and high blood pressure (22). Eating fresh food is the best course of action. If you really must eat canned food, always check the label.

20. Stop Jumping From Diet to Diet

Losing weight can feel like an elusive concept at times. People frequently jump from diet to diet to pursue the ultimate weight loss ‘trick’ because they are frustrated with not seeing the perfect outcome quickly enough. YoYo dieting doesn’t only leave you disappointed, and it is also detrimental to your fitness (23). Keep it simple by recalling the basic principle of weight loss: get rid of more calories than you eat. Rather than following the theories of the next fitness expert you come across, adopt a more straightforward approach and burn off the calories consumed plus more. This single law will serve as the foundation for a workable, long-term weight-loss regimen that incorporates balanced eating and exercise. The routines you develop resulting from this strategy would also help you hold off the weight after you’ve reached your goal.

21. Get Rid of Stress

There is no such thing as categorized stress. A complete list of stressors would be too long to add here, but they range from personal relationships to jobs, health scares, political events, and others. Stress can be imperceptible, but its impact on the body and mind, one of them being weight gain, is surely felt (24). When people are stressed, they turn to food for some comfort (25). To boot, they usually consume high-calorie and high-carb foods. If you are looking to become slimmer, you can try to find the causes of stress that you recognize in your life and eliminate them for good. Even minor moments of tension can cause you to gain weight.

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22. Rely on Fiber

Fiber could be a weight loss magic tool, as it supports you in several ways. It takes up valuable room in your stomach and signals your brain that you’ve had enough. As a result, hunger is suppressed, and you may leave the table feeling fulfilled. Fiber tends to control blood sugar levels and helps with neutralizing food cravings to avoid overeating. It also keeps the digestive tract clean and safe, allowing you to get something out of the smaller amount of food you’re consuming while also lowering harmful cholesterol levels or LDL (26).

23. Don’t Be Scared of Cheat Days

A cheat day every week is not such a bad thing if you’re doing a fine job keeping your weight loss regimen in check but are bothered by the thought that you’re depriving yourself too much. If you believe a cheat day is insane, it shows that you’re serious when it comes to losing weight. Cheat days can make the difference between performance and disappointment. Take, for example, Dwayne Johnson. Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” stands 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 260 pounds. You won’t be able to spot any extra weight on him, thanks to his commitment to balanced food and exercise. His cheat days every week, on the other hand, are famous. What’s The Rock’s usual cheat meal? 4 pizzas accompanied by a hundred pancakes smothered in whipped cream with syrup. You probably won’t go this far but treat yourself once every week to be able to get back on track.

24. Take the Stairs and Walk


Fast food and the fact that we’re dependent on technology are also inextricably tied to the overweight and obesity crisis. Fast food has everything needed to grow love handles but none of the nutrients you need to attain or sustain healthy health. Sitting behind a desk all day contributes to weight gain too. You must move if you are looking to become slimmer. Take the stairs whether you’re moving up a few floors or more. Go on a vigorous stroll at lunchtime. If you’re driving to a mall, park at the other end of the entrance. Instead of using the escalator, when you enter the mall, use the stairs to the next level. Take the subway station stairs and wait on the train. It’s all beneficial.

25. Brush Your Teeth More Frequently

This might sound like an odd idea, but certain people swear that brushing their teeth makes them less likely to feed. The theory is that if you’ve already cleaned your teeth, you’ll be less willing to eat anything because you would ruin the cleanliness of your teeth. Surprisingly, this theory might be true. Researchers in Japan found that men who were brushing more often were leaner and remained that way, whereas those who didn’t, actually gained weight. Apart from keeping the teeth clean, the minty smell of toothpaste is thought to deter snacking.

26. Don’t Pay for Snacks with Your Card

Don’t purchase sweets or fast food, sugary beverages, or beer if you don’t have the money to pay for them. Many people rush into grocery stores to buy candy bars, beer, popcorn, and other products and then pay with plastic. This is a bad practice you can get rid of. Don’t indulge if there isn’t enough cash in your pockets to cover your expenses. Potato chips can’t be paid for with a credit card. When it comes to gaining weight, these greasy, fatty, tasty indulgences are some of the biggest criminals. If you want to lose weight, you should give them up, regardless of the payment method you’re using to buy them.

27. Skip the Dessert

Look no farther than the slice of cheesecake you have been given at a party if you’re searching for a simple way to kickstart your weight loss attempts. More people would be skinnier if they could actually say “no thanks” when it’s time for dessert. Depending on how much syrup and whip cream you’re using, a slice of cheesecake has nearly 500 calories. If you exclude dessert, you might save a whole day’s worth of calories per week, not to mention that type of calorie intake is the one that will soon end up around your waist. If you get out of this habit, you’ll be on your way to losing weight.

28. Get Rid of Salad Dressing

Here’s another easy way to get the weight-loss plans off to a good start. A few teaspoons of French dressing contain about 200 calories. Assume you went out to eat and had what you considered to be a very nutritious lunch. There would be no fried foods. There would be no piles of spaghetti either. However, you served your salad with French dressing and then had a slice of cheesecake. You’ve only added 700 calories to your otherwise balanced meal. Starting the weight-loss journey does not have to entail deprivation. In certain ways, it’s as simple as having a few simple adjustments, such as dressing the salad with vinaigrette and avoiding dessert Also ask to have the dressing on the side instead of them pouring it on. This way you can control how much dressing you actually use. Make sure not to replace dessert with ice cream before bed.

29. Take Your Time Chewing Your Food

Your mother was right when saying you need to chew your meal. There are some advantages of chewing correctly. First, you’ll love the food better if you take a moment to savor it. Second, you can improve your digestion. This is crucial for dieters who went on strict portion resizing. However, there is another explanation as to why chewing correctly is good for weight loss. According to a Japanese report, people who feed rapidly accumulate weight more than those who take their time with a meal (27). Both men and women involved had the same outcome. So, for your weight-loss plan to go right, take your sweet time when eating.

30. Cook More


Restaurants are only trying to leave a positive impact on your taste buds, so they go to great lengths to achieve this. They realize that if you loved their meal, you will return. But they use a lot of salt, heavy sauces, thickeners, sugar, and everything else that makes the tongue like food. Cooking at home more often, if you wish to lose weight, is a good idea for as long as you don’t follow your favorite restaurant’s recipies. You’ll save money in addition to living well and dropping weight. This means you’ll afford to spend on new accessories to go with your slimmer figure.

31. Replace Ice Cream with Yogurt

We spoke about dessert earlier and how skipping it might really help you lose weight. But if you believe dessert makes your life more beautiful, you do have an option instead of skipping it: try frozen yogurt after dinner. Two ice cream scoops contain over 300 calories. An equal frozen yogurt serving, on the other hand, contains well over 200 calories. Although this does not seem to be a significant difference, it accumulates across weeks. It’s also worth noting that you should still consume a smaller amount of both.

32. Use Small Plates

People who are attempting to lose weight have used this technique of tricking the subconscious into believing they are consuming more than they are for some years. Is it effective? While science is skeptical (28), many people swear by it. The idea is to use small plates and fill them proportionally, just like a larger plate. In a nutshell, you reduce the size. Since the plate is no longer that big, you consume less, which obviously helps with weight loss.

33. Stay Away from All-You-Can-Eat Buffets

An all-you-can-eat buffet is something that everybody enjoys, as you pay less and feed until you’re stuffed. So easy, isn’t it? But all-you-can-eat buffets are blamed for as many overweight people as the fast-food chains are. If you like buffets but want to lose weight, you’ll have to make a sacrifice and give up visiting them because they are the epitome of temptation for those trying to stick to the first law of dieting: consuming fewer calories. Order off the menu if you don’t want to miss out on hanging with your friends for dinner.

34. Use Probiotics

The gut microbiota is essential for optimal health (29). Years of bad eating habits devastate the gut’s microbial colonies, decreasing your body’s ability to digest. If you’re looking to lose weight, having a balanced gut will help you get the best from the food you ingested. Probiotics are one way to help with this. The bacteria that make up the intestinal microbiota are known as “probiotics.” Probiotic supplements have been shown to help the gut’s important microbial colonies regain their balance (30). They’re inexpensive, healthy, and simple to use, so they need to be included in your weight loss plan.

35. Gastric Band Surgery

If all else fails and your weight reaches unsafe thresholds, surgery might be necessary. This should be considered a final option, although it might be the only path to achieve the desired result for certain patients. Gastric band surgery is among the most popular weight reduction procedures (31) out there. A thin band is inserted across the stomach’s upper part to create a pouch. This little pouch fills quickly. Consequently, even though you just consume a tiny amount of food, you feel full faster.

36. Other Surgical Interventions


The intragastric bubble, a gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass are all traditional weight-loss surgeries. The intragastric balloon (32) is a balloon, just like its name says. It gets implanted and then inflated into your stomach. Consequently, you can’t eat much anymore because you feel satisfied after just a few bites.

A gastric bypass (33) involves separating a small section of your upper stomach and surgically attaching a slice of intestine instead, forming a bypass. Around 2/3 of your stomach gets cut during a gastric sleeve operation (34), resulting in a slightly narrower stomach to fill up more quickly.

Gastric braces, gastric bypasses, and intragastric balloons are all procedures that can be reversed. Gastric sleeve can’t.

37. Use Weight Loss Supplements

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