Tips on Treating a Treadmill Burn

Tips on Treating a Treadmill Burn

Falling off from your treadmill during the workout will give you new meaning of the term burning rubber. Unhappily, this kind of burn will be painful for you. Happily, with the right care and the time to heal, this burn will go away.

Ensure that the burn is the minor burn. If it is not, look for the medical attention. Everything over that the second-degree burn which covers small area of the body have to be treated by your doctor. Probably, the burn from the treadmill will just cover the relatively little area of the body, injure the first layer and could be treated at your home.

Make cool of the affected area by giving cold water for several minutes. Do not put an ice directly on the burn as this will cause frostbite and then further complicate the damage.

You can warp up an area loosely by using the gauze, but you have to be sure not to use the one with free fibers that can get stuck of the burn. However, the most doctors do not recommend in using any sort of the cream on the burn, most people like to shoot feeling those creams offer. If you decide to use the cream, ensure that it is the lightweight one.

Take some medicine. This way will should not be done if the burn will not hurt you, but the over of counter pain reliever just like aspirin, Aleve or even Tylenol will help take an edge off and will make your burn less painful while it heals. So, you do not need to worry if you are getting the treadmill burn, there are always a great way to care it. It is also important for you to be careful in using your treadmill so you will not get fall from it.

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