The Wolf Climbing The Hill Is Always Hungry

The Wolf Climbing The Hill Is Always Hungry

Often depicted as alone, the wolf climbing the hill is referred to someone who yet did not reach the top and is always hungry in achieving his goals. This individual take control of his life, believe that he can make it and become the master of his own fate. Yet, countless people are not on that path.

What is the reason? Why are some people underestimating themselves? How can we become such a strong believer in our own fate?

The metaphor of the wolf climbing the hill is prevalent among people seeking success, as well as for me. It is the image of wanting to be a self-made person, a strong leader, a successful executive, or a man’s man. But it is also a myth that conveys a deeper truth which is meant to teach or inspire.

Since eternities, the wild and dominant figure of the wolf is a powerful symbol. It has always existed, from the fear of it throughout the centuries to the wolf used today to market movies, career magazines, training services, and a seemingly endless list of other products and services.

Therefore, the wolf climbing the hill is an analogy to depict someone who is striving to succeed. Whatever they put their effort into, and can be described in one word: ‘Drive.’ The wolves that are still climbing are hungry for what is at the top of the hill. On the other hand, most of the wolves at the top have reached the peak of their careers and no longer have the urge to pursue greater heights.

The Wolf Climbing for More
So, if you want real success in your life, you should understand that you did not come this far just to be the wolf climbing the hill and reach the top. I often hear people say things like: “When I make it,” “when I get to the top,” “when I reach my goal.” But let me tell you something: there is no end.

True winners never stop. If you reach a goal, just set a bigger goal. If you get to the top of the mountain, find a bigger mountain. Of course, you need to keep working hard going uphill until you get to the summit. But as the wolf climbing the hill, it is your journey, your continuous pursuit of growth, your cost of seeking improvement, and the challenge that are what makes life great.

Then seek for more. Not more things but more growth, you should always push yourself to be better. Are you a wolf going uphill to just sit at the top afterward? If you come this far, you can be strong enough to go further and be good enough to push yourself harder.

The Wolf Seeks also Growth
Of course, it is not easy doing it alone, but if you keep going stay true to yourself, it will be worth it in the end. For instance, as a wolf climbing the hill, I am only getting started. It is just the beginning. I am proud of my achievements, but it does not mean that I am settling for them. Are you settling for yours?

You should never be satisfied and always ready. Yes, you can be proud of what you have accomplished but keep pushing for more. But you need to push for greatness. A real winner does not seek only the title but self-growth. No one can tell you to stop because you are just getting warmed up.

So, the hardest walk you can make as a wolf climbing the hill is the steps you make alone. That is what makes you the strongest. It is not about circumstances or luck. We all get the good and the bad, and all have challenging events that arrive in our lives. That is a normal part of being human. But it is what you choose to do with those circumstances that matter.

The Wolf Climbing the Hill Keeps Going
Therefore, the hardest battle is the challenging walk you take which in turn builds your character the most. As a wolf climbing the hill, you need to stay strong and keep going as you have to fight battles alone, and surely when you are going against the grain, fighting the naysayers.

But if the journey were not challenging, the destination would not be as rewarding. It is the challenges that make the greatness of the wolf climbing the hill. You cannot have a champion athlete without significant competitors pushing them all the way. You cannot get the first place without other winners pushing you to do better.

So, it is the ‘all process’ that makes the greatness of the one rising to the summit. If you reach your goal, you have to set a bigger goal. But when the wolf climbing the hill runs into barriers, he has to find another way to climb. You have to keep going when life has you on the edge of a cliff, or when everything seems to be conspiring to stop you or to hold you back.

The Wolf Going Uphill Puts Effort In
It is always the toughest climbs that lead to the best views. If you are not a wolf among sheep, and if you show what you are made of, the right people will show up in your life. You won’t be alone forever. Never settle in and do not give in when you are the wolf climbing the hill because you have qualities that most people do not possess. The reason is that if you want to be the best, you must out work the rest.

It goes without saying; the greater do work harder than the rest. The champions train harder and learn more. They put themselves through more pain, more failures, more mistakes, and more rejection. When your opponent does ten, you do eleven. If they do more, then you do higher, longer and better. Sure, some of the greatest have talent, but none of it would be realized if they did not put in the work.

On the other hand, think of all those with little talent, they have created magic with effort and belief. Energy and belief in yourself will get you whatever you want in life. What I am talking about is your fighting spirit; that heart which you know is inside of you. As a wolf climbing, you just got to let it out.

The Wolf Climbing Is Always Hungry
You get the strength to fight back, the heart to fight through challenges, and the determination to smash through unexpected obstacles. If you want more than most, you must do more and work harder than most, smarter than most, and even learn more than most.

Do not lower your expectations to fit into the world because you were born to stand out. They say the wolf on the hill is never as hungry as a wolf climbing the hill. So you have always to be that wolf, the one wanting to reach the peak. Be always hungry for more, to grow and feed your mind.

Rise to the highest level you can take yourself, and do not look back. Do not be afraid if you have to walk alone in one direction; it is always better than to follow the herd walking in the other direction.

Your destiny is in your hands, now get out there and hunt it. So if need be, get up one more time, just more than most. And now, be the wolf climbing the hill!

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