The Physics Behind Egg Catching: An Application of Impulse and Momentum

The Physics Behind Egg Catching: An Application of Impulse and Momentum

Issue: You and a close friend are moving into an egg toss contest. The objective of this contest is to toss an egg the greatest length without the need of it cracking or breaking open. Describe your approach for catching eggs that have been thrown a extensive distance devoid of them breaking in phrases of physics. Use conditions like impulse and momentum.

Student’s Reaction was:

When making an attempt to catch an egg with the furthest distance, there are numerous things to retain in intellect. Factors this kind of as the body weight of the egg, the length you are throwing it, and how you capture the egg can modify the results greatly.

To start with off, when throwing a little something as smaller as an egg, a single need to hold in mind that the additional the length, the additional force is exerted into throwing the egg. With extra power exerted into the egg, the additional momentum there will be. This is especially important when catching the egg, simply because catching it the erroneous way can end result in it breaking.

The catching of the egg can be specifically difficult, mainly because the egg is quite brittle and fragile. In get to minimize the momentum, you have to get the egg by its sides so it does not splatter on your hand. The egg’s impulse which is it’s typical drive over a period of time, have to be decreased in order to make certain a protected landing for the egg. By grabbing the egg by the sides, you are lessening it’s momentum and impulse to afterwards make the egg tumble into your palm.

Tutor’s reaction was: To win the competition, we need to throw the egg as high as we can. So when it slide down, it will have a large velocity as perfectly. Mass of the egg is preset. So if we need to have to acquire this competitors, we need to be well prepared to deal with a substantial momentum that we will obtain when it occur down. Allows say that we take time “t” to capture this egg. So the force when catching the egg will be “F” given by:

So F= m(vf-vi)/t

And we have previously witnessed that mass m is fastened.

Also Vf = because the egg lastly arrives to rest soon after catching.

Vi is the velocity which was there just prior to catching the egg and we have currently viewed that, it will be quite higher if we want to win the levels of competition.

Now, in get to lessen the power, the only matter that we can do is to retain the time of get hold of with our palms “t” as high as attainable.

If we do that we will be in a position to decrease the pressure F to such a restrict that the egg even nevertheless very brittle, wont crack.

To boost the time of contact we want to catch the egg in sweeping action. We need to have to shift our fingers downwards so that the relative velocity concerning the hand and the egg gets considerably less. This will successfully increase the time “t” and for this reason the Power F will be lowered.

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