Seasoning Your Solid Iron Wok With Pork Extra fat & Chinese Chives

Seasoning Your Solid Iron Wok With Pork Extra fat & Chinese Chives

I have cooked having a wok for a lot of many years but under no circumstances bought a solid iron wok until just recently. I’ve often employed carbon metal and have been material with that. The wok previously mentioned I purchased as a kit from It really is a 14 inch forged iron wok and also the package bundled, a metallic spatula, wok ring, lid, and bamboo cleansing brush.

This wok is at this time proving itself to be an indispensable piece of cookware in my residence.

A couple of months back I came across a ebook acknowledged as The Breath of your Wok by Grace Younger and Alan Richardson, out of the blue I was surprised by a delicacies that I believed I previously knew so a excellent offer about. The Chinese chat about “Wok Hay” which translates into “The Breath of your Wok”. This refers for the excellent taste that’s infused into food by a effectively seasoned wok. If you have at any time wondered why you could not accomplish the flavors you identify at your preferred Chinese cafe at dwelling, you most possible should to think about the pan or wok you might be stir frying in, and regardless of whether or not it can be correctly seasoned.

In this book I discovered a seasoning technique that I had not noticed prior to. Genuinely it’s much far more of your recipe than approach and it genuinely is 1 of very a couple of techniques described inside of the Breath of the Wok to season a cast iron wok. This technique worked so correctly for me that I thought I will require to share it here.

Seasoning a Cast Iron Wok with Pork Surplus unwanted fat and Chinese Chives

Adapted from “The Breath of your Wok”


10 ounces of pork unwelcome bodyweight lower into 1 inch cubes

9 ounces of Chinese Chives (Do not substitute Western chives like garlic or onion chives. Chinese chives are broader and for a longer period and possess a appreciably more powerful taste)

1 cup of drinking h2o


In circumstance you are generating use of a rounded wok and possess a gasoline stove, you may opt for to placement a wok ring in your burner to support the wok. In scenario you are utilizing an electrical stove you can want a flat bottomed wok.

In advance of you year your new wok you have to clean it with sizzling consuming h2o and soap, scrubbing it which has a steel wool pad (this is only time you require to at any time cleaning soap a solid iron wok) to clear away any metallic residue. This may possibly probable acquire a handful of washes.

Switch in your exhaust admirer and retain it on large, you could quite probably also prefer to open up up a handful of home windows for this as stir frying so pretty a great deal chives in unwanted pounds will generate powerful aromas.

Location your wok on the burner and flip the heat as significantly as enhanced. Heat the wok far more than good warmth until a fall of drinking waterh2o vaporizes within 1 to 2 seconds of call.

Incorporate the pork human body body fat and reduce warmth to reduced. Stir utilizing a metal spatula and permit the further body fat to liquefy.

As the physique body fat cooks, convey the further fats up the sides from the wok for the edge to coat the interior area on the wok with the excess excess fat. When the undesirable excess weight is no extended releasing liquid flip the heat as a great deal as greater and increase the chives.

Stir fry this mixture on increased for 10 to 15 minutes spreading it all alongside the inside floor within the wok, seriously don’t neglect the higher edges. Extremely very carefully insert 1 cup of consuming drinking water (this could possibly spatter) and cook dinner for an additional 5 minutes continuing to spread the combination all over the interior and up the sides. Very cautiously pour the mixture into an old can or other vessel where it can interesting in advance of you discard it the right way.

Wash the wok in cold consuming water and dry with paper towels. Posture it back again in your stove prime and allow it to dry much more than very low warmth for 1-2 minutes. Your wok is now seasoned and all set to use.

Should you locate that that is a minimal challenging for you, make sure you will not allow this prevent you from seeking to get hold of an awesome Chinese meal at house. It is possible to obtain a pre-seasoned wok from an astounding world wide web internet site for case in point Eleanor Hoh’s who also has some amazing tutorial videos and seasonings integrated with her kits.

As usually I hope you just have a great time cooking!

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