Review of Fundamentals of Physics Extended by Halliday, Resnick and Walker

Review of Fundamentals of Physics Extended by Halliday, Resnick and Walker

Fundamentals of Physics Extended by Halliday, Resnick and Walker is a university-stage introductory textbook in Physics.

It addresses the basics of mechanics and electromagnetism, which include the standard two-study course higher education introductory sequence in Physics. A few later on chapters contact on relativity and nuclear physics, but the e book stops short of a thorough introduction to modern day physics (the content most faculties include things like as a third study course).

Meant audience

According to the book’s preface, the supposed audience is learners who are getting ready for careers in science and engineering. The reserve is ordinarily used in introductory lessons taken by university freshmen, with sophomores and upperclassmen a lot less regularly having these programs.

The e book is not intended for (and would typically not be acceptable for) a lot more general-audience classes


The textual content helps make use of calculus, and I consider would involve a stable knowledge of intro calculus in purchase to get the most of. A specially formidable or gifted pupil might be able to get the job done by way of this reserve concurrently with taking calculus, but I would recommend for any pupil to have mastered the basic principles of calculus just before applying this reserve or having a course centered about it.

No prior track record in physics is assumed, but I feel this e book would be a bit tricky or innovative for a student who experienced truly never ever encountered the tips in it right before.

My practical experience with the guide

I utilised this ebook in undergraduate, and retained it as a reference. I imagine it is well-composed and presents a very good amount of money of depth and clarification of the math in the conceptual exposition sections of each individual chapter. I in particular like the way the guide handles equations for the duration of the exposition–fairly than just executing a bunch of mathematical manipulations, there is ample verbal clarification of what is likely on, encouraging you to link the equations to the concepts.

I consider that this e-book is not fairly as good at preparing people to do the complications and utilize the principles as it could be. The sample issues have explanations that seem very clear, but I uncover that there is certainly something lacking in the philosophy or summary strategy to problem-fixing that left me emotion deficient in setting up the troubles. For me, this was no problem due to the fact I experienced entry to qualified professors and a group of peer learners who resolved my troubles. But I assume this deficiency could make this book a minor challenging for a person seeking to use it for self-analyze.

Version creep

Like many popular, mainstream textbooks, this textual content suffers from what I get in touch with “version creep”, a system by which additional editions of the book are launched, and the releases are far more frequent, than would be exceptional for corrections and enhancements by yourself. Edition creep is driven by a revenue motive in publishing.

This ebook is now in the 10th edition, produced in 2013. I imagine obtaining the hottest edition is unnecessary. If you are eager to purchase an old version, these types of as the 5th, or even much more modern ones, you can save a great total of revenue. Even going back again just one particular version, you can save a considerable quantity.

One more way to preserve revenue is to buy a ringbound or loose-leaf copy rather than the standard hardback. These copies are however fairly pricey, close to $145 for the latest edition, contrasting with nearly $300 for the new e book.

In summary

This is a strong textbook acceptable for the initial two introductory college or university stage physics courses for engineers or science majors who have a qualifications in calculus. It would not be suited for a far more general viewers of individuals missing calculus history, and the level of depth is bigger than required for college students not intending to pursue a profession in science. It also suffers from edition creep, and it would probably make sense to buy (or style and design a course around) more mature editions so as to help you save money.

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