Renaissance Science – The Physics of Social Most cancers

Renaissance Science – The Physics of Social Most cancers

At a Earth Summit Meeting of Science in 1979 held at the Worldwide Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, China’s most hugely awarded physicist, Kun Huang, agreed with the director of the Australian Science-Artwork Study Centre in Australia, that fashionable physics had no ability to embrace life power forces as it could only dealt with mechanistic logic.

Classical Greek lifetime science had been centered on the Golden Suggest geometries associated with the harmonic movement of the Pythagorean Songs of the Spheres principle. Celestial motion was also considered to use the forces of harmonic resonance to transmit evolutionary assistance data to the movement of atoms inside biological techniques. Huang advised that by observing evolutionary patterning adjustments to the various Golden Imply models recorded in the worlds seashell fossil record, it could be achievable to deduce the mother nature of the new daily life power physics legal guidelines.

For the duration of the 1980s the Science-Artwork Centre experienced quite a few seashell everyday living electricity papers published by Italy’s leading scientific journal, Il Nouvo Cimento. In 1990 two of them were being picked as being amongst the important discoveries of the 20th Century by IEEE in Washington. This institute is committed to the betterment of the human ailment and is the world’s major technological skilled society. The Centre’s mathematician, produced the simulation of a dwelling seashell creature. By lowering the formula’s harmonic order, he produced the creature’s 20 million 12 months old fossil ancestor. By decreasing the buy by a lesser harmonic he received the simulation of the fossil, Niponites Mirabilis, turning into the 1st individual in the earth to hyperlink that fossil to any dwelling creature.

In 1995 the seashell mathematics received an internationally peer reviewed initially prize in biology for the discovery of new physics legal guidelines governing ideal biological expansion and enhancement through area time, validating Kun Huang’s primary premise. Not long ago it was identified that the initially bone developed in the human embryo is the sphenoid bone and that it was currently modifying its condition less than the affect of the exact physics forces managing seashell evolution. The sphenoid, recognized in Alchemy as Golden Signify is in vibrational speak to with the sea shell design of the internal ear. Niponites Mirabilis was made to maintain the creature upright in water and the structure of the interior ear keeps human beings upright on the land. The Science-Art Centre is now operating on a project to create a futuristic human survival simulation in buy to deduce the character of new human survival systems.

From the humanoid sphenoid fossil history, we can notice that just about every time it adjustments condition a new species of humanoid emerges. By jogging the Songs of the Spheres existence-forces by the humanoid fossil record it should really be possible to crank out a twenty million 12 months human survival scenario. This eyesight of humanity’s futuristic healthy long run would give a dependable template from which to get the new survival technological know-how. Such know-how would be related with a fractal logic system which features in defiance of the physics legislation governing the present scientific entire world view.

The moral reason that this kind of a fractal lifetime science should really be created is that by making use of the Classical Greek fractal logic, it is feasible to deliver healthier organic progress and growth by house time. Attempts to do this by using the present life electrical power science can only outcome in the generation of organic distortions. It can be deemed that our existing knowledge of daily life science includes cancerous logic.

Dr Richard Merrick at the University of Texas has made use of the Classical Greek Audio of the Spheres’ life science to describe, in wonderful biological depth, the fractal vitality foundation of creative believed. NASA has posted papers arguing that the historical Greek daily life science was centered upon fractal logic. The engineer Buckminster Fuller, in his ebook Utopia or Oblivion argued that except science is reunited with that ancient earth check out then civilisation can’t survive. The current world-wide scientific most cancers can be prevented from going terminal. Fuller’s operate as been utilized to rewrite Chemistry as the basis of a new health-related lifetime science.

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