Quantum Astrology is Energy Astrology

Quantum Astrology is Energy Astrology

Quantum Astrology

The new Age of Aquarius with it really is paradigm of Quantum Physics is no less than a wake up contact to man sort. Only a fool would not confess that the globe is in chaos. Wars, starvation ailment etcetera. Why? Simply because gentleman sort, as a total has remaining the path of spirituality and turned a blind eye to his Divine Destiny. The Divine Future of all mankind is and has often been becoming considerably less bestial and extra God like. The Legal guidelines of Religious Quantum Physics convey to us that the entire world as we see and experience it, is in reality a a projections of the thoughts and emotions and actions of the mass thoughts of humanity. The mass brain is the sum overall of every single mind on the earth. This is what is intended by “The All” or We are all Just one.”

We are connected by our thoughts and inner thoughts. The vast majority of mankind is dumb and ignorant of why points are the way they are. Even if they understood, they would not or could not alter it. I compose these posts for the 5% of humanity, which is mindful. The 5% who act as the yeast within just the loaf of bread, named Humanity. The fantastic news, is that this 5% of Acutely aware Humanity is adequate to hold the relaxation of Humanity from sinking beneath a stage of consciousness that would end result in destruction of Man kind. This has transpired ahead of, throughout the Atlantean, the Hyperperbeon and the Mu intervals. There is no warranty that Humanity will endure this most up-to-date dip into bestiality. We need to get again on observe. We require a highway map, a blueprint that will support us all become extra conscious.

We have one, the new paradigm of the Guidelines of Spiritual Quantum Physics has provided us one. These Legislation convey to us that we are all personal souls in the Intellect of God. The infinite Soul. We blink out of the Intellect of God into the Quantum Ocean in which we expertise daily life. It is our Everyday living Encounters that figure out exactly where we are individually or massively elevate our concentrations of consciousness and come to be more God like or drop down decreased and reduce. Anything about us has it can be equal, Divine Blueprint in the Quantum Ocean, Brain of God. There is a Divine Strategy, a Divine Blueprint of how we ought to dwell our life to turn out to be much more mindful. It is the Science of Astrology.

The whole galaxy, as nicely as our Solar Technique runs efficiently due to the fact they follow their Astrological time clock. Guy has neglected that he has crafted within just himself his very own Astrological time clock. There is a suitable time in our lives to do nearly anything we want as prolonged as we stick to this clock. The Rules of Quantum Physics explain to us there are a million matters we can do and have and million issues we simply cannot do nor have. Our particular person Astrological clocks will notify us what they are and when we can hope them.

Our particular person Astrological clock is constructed into our person Solar charts. It is time for us to wipe off the dust from our Astrological Solar chart. Time to observe our unique Divine timing variables. By undertaking this will do many a lot more issues consciously. As we do factors more consciously, we will grow to be much more conscious. As we separately develop into more aware, humanity will increase out of the depths of bestiality once additional into the light.

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