Proform 785 Treadmill Review – How Does the 785 Stack Up?

Proform 785 Treadmill Review – How Does the 785 Stack Up?

Is the Proform 785 Treadmill worth the money? Here is a quick review of the pros and cons to help you find out.


#1) Cheap

It sells for $800. Obviously there are cheaper models out there… but this is still a relative bargain compared with many others.

#2) Power

The engine is very powerful. It packs 2.25 continuous horsepower… making it more than adequate for serious runners.

#3) Belt size

It is a generous ’20’ width by ’55’ inch length… which means it’s plenty large to accommodate bigger users.

#4) Engine warranty

The Proform 785 Treadmill has a lifetime motor warranty-although this quite common today. Don’t read too much into it.

Those are the positives-now here are the negatives.

#1) It’s made by icon fitness

This company is notoriously unresponsive… and you will probably find yourself waiting a long time on the phone to talk with somebody.

If you leave a message it’s doubtful you will ever be called back. In other words-you’d better hope nothing goes wrong with your treadmill.

#2) Unreliable

The one major negative of the machine itself is the paltry 3 month parts warranty. This should send up a red flag right there.

The truth is that… like most Proforms… this isn’t one of the more reliable machines out there. If you read reviews online you will find customers who love it and those who hate it–there seems to be no general consensus.

The bottom line… the Proform 785 Treadmill has ample running room… a very powerful engine… but questionable reliability.

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