PhenQ Reviews: Natural weight loss Ingredients or fake results? | Sponsored

PhenQ Reviews: Natural weight loss Ingredients or fake results? | Sponsored

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Being overweight or obese is the most common problem these days that can lead to lower self-esteem. Obesity not only can cause countless diseases in the body but also makes a person look unfit and out of shape. One might find different ways to lose body fat yet every method yields a different kind of result. It is no doubt that regular exercises and a healthy diet are the keys to fitness, but if that is not sufficient, or a person wants quick results, he would turn to weight loss pills.

The majority of these people would embark on their journey to losing weight, yet their efforts turn to disappointment because weight loss pills do nothing. However, Wolfson Berg Limited introduced a weight loss supplement named PhenQ whose natural ingredients make a person feel fuller for longer. Its 5 in 1 formula of enzymes prevents fat production that results in maintaining a better mood, attitude, and lifestyle.

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What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a weight-loss supplement that does not claim any magic, rather realistically helps in losing body weight. This product not just lowers the appetite of its users but also helps burn fat faster by increasing metabolism as well as maintaining the energy. 

The formula used for PhenQ is completely natural and is suitable for both men and women. Avoid taking these supplements when planning a baby, breastfeeding, or pregnant. There are no restriction of diet plans however, eat in small quantities. On the other hand, if you have a totally clean diet, it will make the process even faster. Vegans can also use these supplements.

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About the Company

Wolfson Berg Limited, a US-based dietary supplements production company for over ten years, produces PhenQ. Production is done in Cyprus based on clinical analysis and rich natural ingredients which makes a person look good by maintaining their ideal body in less time. The formula used in this supplement is suitable for everyone to use daily. All of the ingredients are produced in FDA-approved laboratories with the help of a team of certified nutritionists, wellness advisors, and nutritional consultants. Wolfson Berg exports the supplements swiftly and discreetly around the world from its factories in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany. This company provides a 60-day money-back guarantee as well as free international delivery.

Overview of the Supplement

The strong PhenQ supplement has the potential to burn off the fat that has already been stored in the body, but the reaction is similar to what any metabolism booster provides. The formula helps to avoid extra fat production as the patient continues to burn off accumulated fat. Even if the consumer is not trying to lose a lot of weight, continued use of the formula can keep users at a manageable weight.

PhenQ can also decrease hunger, making it less possible for consumers to eat extra calories when they aren’t really hungry. Furthermore, once the user’s weight levels out, they will have more stamina and will be able to sustain a positive mood without discomfort.

This supplement works as per the different ways a person eats. It suppresses the appetite and allows its users to eat according to the actual need of their bodies. This improves their metabolism and maintains their energy level and heat of the body, this process is called thermogenesis. This supplement helps by using cells of the body to break down the fat and use the energy through it.

PhenQ Ingredients, Benefits and Side Effects – Critical Report Released Here

What Makes PhenQ So Effective for Weight Loss?

PhenQ works in several effective ways. A few of them are listed below.

  • It boosts metabolism and thermogenesis, both of which contribute actively to the fat-burning process.
  • A proprietary ingredient called Lacys Reset, which boosts the body’s calorie-burning and heat output.
  • It consists of six clinically studied natural ingredients that prevent further excessive fat production in the body.
  • Good diet and this supplement result in fast fat loss and make users look amazing and fit.
  • This magical weight loss supplement makes you feel fuller, due to which you can avoid snacking and munching on wrong hours.
  • After taking this supplement, users will not just feel fuller but their energy level will be maintained.
  • While your body is in the fat loss process, this supplement will improve the user’s mood swings, temper, and strength.

The Benefits of the Supplement

The stubborn fat resides in the thighs, hips, and abdomen and it is extremely hard to get rid of it. This kind of fat production occurs due to bad eating habits or hormonal changes in the body. To reduce fat from these areas people, do a lot of crazy exercises, sometimes even damaging their bones. This supplement consists of ingredients that automatically give the right nutrients to every body part. This makes the user feel less worried about what they are eating.

The journey to weight loss yields lots of benefits. Some of which are fast fat burning, control in extra fat production, appetite suppression, boosted energy level of users, mood enhancement. Let’s explore each one individually.

The key ingredients to boost metabolic rate are in this supplement i.e. caffeine, piperine, capsicum extract, etc. these ingredients individually do wonders, imagine what they are going to do when combined.

This supplement not just removes fat from the body but also helps to prevent the body from storing more fat in it. Piperine is the key ingredient for this process, which holds back the creation of fresh fat cells, making sure the fat cell does not restore.

The key ingredient caffeine helps to reduce the craving for surgery items and carbs etc., the main sources of fat gain. To avoid weight gain, a person has to lower the intake calories according to their regular activities i.e. 

more physical activity * less caloric intake = fast weight loss

This supplement makes you feel fuller due to which users do not overindulge them with unnecessary calories.

  • The boosted energy level of users:

Whenever a person is following a certain diet plan, mostly they feel low energy levels, due to sudden changes in food intake. This supplement consists of ingredients that make you feel energetic and connected which results in more physical activities. It will be exceptional if this supplement is availed with a good diet, a little bit of exercise. It will do wonders.

Losing extra pounds always makes a person feel good about themselves, people normally get rid of depression, anxiety, and weird mood swings. This supplement contains ingredients that boost the mood and sleep cycle of a user.

When to use PhenQ?

PhenQ is supposed to be taken until a person reaches their target weight, after that if a person wishes to continue using it, they have to consult a doctor or psychiatrist. This is a completely natural product and can be used anytime in the day with any non-acidic liquid, but the general perception is to take it with a glass of water. This supplement is advised to be taken twice from morning till 3 pm, after 3 it is advised to avoid using it because it contains caffeine which can lead to sleeplessness in a person. Users are allowed to use this supplement after hitting target weight as well.

Active Ingredients in PhenQ:

PhenQ consists of Lacys Reset®, a patent-pending formula that boosts metabolism and thermogenesis, essentially transforming the body into a fat-burning engine. According to studies, this ingredient boosts muscle mass by 3.80% and reduces body fat by 7.24 percent. Aside from the secret ingredient, PhenQ includes several other safes and effective slimming ingredients, including:

The thermogenesis process (increase in body temperature) is activated in the body by a perfect combination of capsicum, piperine, vitamin B, and caffeine which results in extreme fat burning. Due to this process, the most crucial area of the body will lose fat in days. 

It helps reduce the craving for soft drinks, meat, carbs, fried food, and processed junk food items. Chromium picolinate is a mineral found in healthy food items i.e. vegetables and cereals. It maintains the sugar level in the body and reduces unhealthy munching throughout the day.

Caffeine is the most powerful additive used to suppress the appetite and regulates the consumption of stored energy in the form of fat. It regulated thermogenesis 24/7 in the body. 

People from all around the globe are addicted to caffeine in the form of tea and coffee, but they overuse or underuse it, which doesn’t benefit them. This supplement’s caffeine proportion is so accurate that it makes the worst metabolic rate of a person the best.

Nopal is a well-known type of cactus due to its use in dietary supplements. It is high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and a good antioxidant. Nopal helps in reducing blood sugar, inflammation, cholesterol and detoxifies the body. It also injects beneficial amino acids which help in fluid retention reduction as well as increases the physical condition of a person.

L-carnitine is considered a slimming ingredient. It is a kind of amino acid produced in the body to burn body fat into energy without making a person feel exhausted, sore, and low. L-Carnitine Fumarate helps muscles, the brain, and the heart of a body to function effectively which results in weight loss.

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Unleashing The “Secret” Ingredient

PhenQ contains a secret ingredient that does most of the work for weight loss. A-Lacys Reset® is a reliably verified component that aids weight loss, fat burning, brown adipose tissue compression, and strong muscle mass gain.

What Exactly Is This Made Of?

It’s a synthetic ingredient that can be used in a variety of high-quality slimming and food products. Good for anti-aging and weight loss processes. It is an antioxidant and improves the physical and mental performance of a person. This ingredient contains:

  1. 1.    Alpha Lipoic Acid:

This antioxidant is like a vitamin in nature and normally can be found in vegetables like broccoli, spinach, potatoes, and yeast as well. This is mainly used to restore vitamins in the body. Alpha-Lipoic acid is used to crack up the carbohydrate in the body and transform them into energy which ends in fat loss.            

  1. 2.             L-Cysteine:

Cysteine is an amino acid vital for producing protein, and additional metabolic functions. It serves to consume fat and build muscle mass. This particular ingredient will enhance the mood of the users that increases their self-esteem, improves their dedication towards losing their weight, also provides anti-aging properties, and aids in preventing oxidation. Not only that, this ingredient is pretty good for menopausal women.

Is it possible to get side effects by taking -Lacys Reset and Vitamin C at the same time?

There are no comprehended connections among the ingredients. Patients with sensitive conditions or already on medication should avoid taking it or use it after consulting their respective doctors.

PhenQ Pricing:

  • The price of PhenQ starts at 69.95$ over a 10$ discount for a 1-month supply (30 days) full price deal.
  • For a 2-month supply (60 days) there is a buy one get one free deal.
  • For a 3-month supply (90 days) there is a buy three get two free deal.

PhenQ Ingredients, Benefits and Side Effects – Critical Report Released Here


The deal is separated into three supply process:

  • One-Month Package
    • Bonus: 10 Training & Nutrition Guides
    • Exclusive Subscription to Tips & Tricks Newsletter
    • Free delivery
  • A Two-Month Package
    • 2 bottles: $139.90
    • 1 free bottle * Bonus 10 Training & Nutrition Guides
    • Free Tips & Tricks Newsletter Subscription
    • Free shipping
  • A Three-Month Package
    • $189.95 for 3 bottles
    • 1 free bottle
    • 1 free Advana Cleanse
    • Bonus 10 Training & Nutrition Guides
    • Free Subscription to Tips & Tricks Newsletter
    • Free delivery

Where to buy PhenQ?

PhenQ is available on the official website with discounted price according to the packages availed. 

Dosage & Guideline:

This supplement is advised to be taken twice a day to get better results. The ideal time for supplement consumption is breakfast and lunchtime. Per container carries 60 tablets, which is enough for a month’s worth of use. Within three months, the majority of consumers proclaim significant outcomes.

Pros & Cons

Everything manufactured in this world comes with certain pros and cons. Knowing the limitations and the different side effects is what matters the most. 

Expected Benefits of PhenQ: 

As is the case with other dietary supplements, PhenQ is far from ideal. The following are some of the aspects of pills that customers find most appealing. PhenQ is a completely Natural Supplement. The easy-to-swallow pills allow for fast digestion. Usage is completely secure and lawful and is scientifically researched and verified. The users do not need a prescription to consume this supplement. The best part of using this product is that there are no long-term negative side effects that have been recorded. Good news for the vegans since they can also have this supplement. 

PhenQ boosts the fat burning process, enhances the level of energy, and lessens hunger and cravings. It facilitates fat oxidation and thus builds positive moods. This supplement also aids composure by inhibiting fat accumulation and thereby preventing further weight gain. It is made entirely of raw elements, is therefore natural, and made by a reputable firm that has built its trust over the years. This quick and effective weight loss supplement not only attempts to stop stubborn fat production but also aids in the fat-burning process. Its active, natural ingredients activate the enzymes in the body that boosts metabolism and inhibit those enzymes that boost fat production. Due to the high resting metabolic rate, the calories burning process is an increased manifold that helps lose weight. 

What are the Side Effects of PhenQ?

The short answer is that PhenQ has no major side effects. The long answer is that PhenQ contains natural ingredients that are safe for the body. The product was rolled out after thorough research conducted by the weight-loss experts who experimented on various ingredients and identified the safest and the most effective ones that aid weight loss. There are some minor short-term side effects like dizziness or headache but that, too, is rare. The customers who used the product have reported that taking these weight loss pills did not deteriorate their health. In fact, they observed very positive results in a short duration of time. 

However, it is recommended that those who are severely sensitive to these ingredients may first consult their doctor before trying out these products. It is also stated that healthy users and adults, that is, above 18 years of age, should not be dubious about using these weight loss supplements. In a nutshell, these effective weight loss pills are perfectly safe for normal, healthy users who will experience nothing but quick and positive results. 

PhenQ Customer Reviews

Christopher Lorraine

I was always bullied in high school for being obese. It was done to the extent that I even came to the point of having suicidal thoughts. But later, my friend Laura suggested that I try this supplement. I had certain doubts regarding the weight loss pills but I decided to try it for once because it was known to have some all-natural ingredients.

Luckily, I did not face any major side effects at all. I lost my weight in a shorter time and what is more, is that it did not hamper my energy levels. I feel so confident about my body now and I no longer refuse to go to parties. For that reason, I now recommend this supplement to my friends in need.

Sarah M.

Hi! I am Sarah. Since my childhood, I have been overweight, and honestly, it made me feel uncomfortable around people. So eventually I decided to work on my body, one day I was looking for dietary supplements on the internet, from there I came across PhenQ. in the beginning, I wasn’t quite sure about believing in this product and was very skeptical about trying a weight loss pill due to the negative publicity of similar products out there in the market. But I still decided to give it a try and I believe that was a turning point in my life. Once I started taking pills, I noticed so many positive changes in not just my body but my appearance, attitude, eating habits as well as mood.

John K.

My weight loss journey started when I found this product on the shelf of the store. I was initially very obese and almost lost hope after trying out different workouts and diet plans but still not observing a single drop in my weight. Well, I was excited to use this product and amazingly got to see a considerable change in my body. I felt so energized and hence I worked out more often. The result was even more exciting. I lost 22 pounds shortly after consuming these pills. My colleagues reported a positive change in my overall work performance. I got a raise from my boss just a few months after I started losing my weight. My life changed dramatically and I give all the credits to PhenQ.

Final Verdict on PhenQ Review

Unlike so many weight loss pills claiming to do wonders, PhenQ comes with a realistic weight loss promise to its users. It has built trust among the users for over years now. However, it does not offer any overwhelming claims, rather it recommends its users to pair this product with a better diet, some regular workouts, and proper nutrition. Visit Official PhenQ Website Here

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