Non-standard things about pregnancy

Non-standard things about pregnancy

Non-standard things about pregnancy

Pregnancy is an incredibly beautiful thing. You have created a child together and your body is allowing this child to develop into a living being. It has characteristics of both you and your partner. It is your own mini-human and there is nothing you love more than him or her. Yet there are many things about pregnancy that people do not know. It is good to know these things, even though they are not so common. It is useful to know these things should the need arise.

Paternal test

It is possible to take a parenthood test during pregnancy. This non-invasive method allows you to be sure that the father, for example, is really the father. You can easily take such a test and it is possible to do a DNA test while pregnant. These come in various forms, home tests and legal tests. Should it be necessary in an extreme case, you can use the latter in court. This then plays a role in establishing paternity in most cases. In this way, you can establish it and thus obtain your right to alimony, for example.

Fertility test

Infertility, unfortunately, is not a common occurrence these days. However unpleasant it may be, many substances we encounter in our daily lives do cause infertility nowadays. If you want a child, fertility obviously plays a big role. You can then do a spermcheck fertility. The sperm count is something that causes 50% of the difficulties in getting pregnant these days. This can be very frustrating, so it is best to be sure.

Effect on the brain of pregnancy

During pregnancy, a lot changes in the body, all due to hormones. There is also a huge change in the brain. But what exactly is happening? There is a part of the brain called the grey matter. This grey matter is responsible (among other things) for processing information. In the areas of the brain that regulate social processes, this grey matter decreases in particular. Assessing the mood of others, showing empathy and managing your own emotions are all affected. In such a way that a woman’s capacity to regulate these processes is reduced. This effect is visible up to about two years after pregnancy. Simply bear this in mind and make sure that those around you are aware of it too. There is nothing you can do about it, except that.

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