Non secular Quantum Physics and Your Increased Self

Non secular Quantum Physics and Your Increased Self


I use the word ‘higher self’ to imply the optimum element of person. You may well connect with it your soul, your spirit, your conscience, it does not matter.

It is the best stage of consciousness (staying) that male can attain in any one particular incarnation. It is at this position that male can do the most fantastic for himself and some others.

According to the Legislation of Non secular Quantum Physics we consistently ‘blink in and out’ of the Quantum Ocean, Thoughts of God for a person reason and one objective only.

To frequently increase our stages of consciousness. This way we advance closer and closer to our ‘higher self’ our soul.

Attaining this Purpose will enable our ‘higher self’ to function with us 24/7 in all our earthly dealings.

But in order to get in touch with our ‘higher self’ it is necessary for us to damage all our unfavorable feelings. Adverse thoughts shut down the doorway to our ‘higher self.’

If we only knew what we missing by constantly taking pleasure in our damaging thoughts and making it possible for them to run our lives we would be horrified.

Since we simply cannot get rid of off our psychological character all collectively we must learn to purify our emotions.

The purification of our thoughts begins with the observation of and the separation from these detrimental feelings. Hate, lust, greed, panic, anger are a handful of of them.

In the excellent do the job of our life to grow to be much more acutely aware and in touch with our ‘higher self’ observation and separation from our detrimental thoughts ought to grow to be a everyday perform for us.

There are all those who say if there is a God why isn’t going to he enable us nor do it for us. Why would not he change us into the marvelous adverse absolutely free beings we ended up meant to be?

Since we were created self-creating organisms capable of starting to be God’s ourselves. But we need to Make this condition of becoming by ourselves.

If God or anybody else could completely transform us into a great state of higher consciousness, detrimental free of charge getting the complete this means of lifestyle on the earth Earth would have to be altered.

We blinked out of the Quantum Ocean, Intellect of God, as self-acquiring organisms, as prospective gods for the sole objective of doing it ourselves. No exterior enable is necessary. No 2nd coming or intervention of ‘higher forces’. No 7th cavalry. We do it all on your own or we really don’t do it at all.

It is man’s degree of consciousness (remaining) currently being both equally independently and collectively that draws in the high-quality of daily life on this planet.

Wars, cruelty, horror, greed, immorality arise (glance at Television set and the newspapers) simply because man’s collective amount of consciousness (getting) on the planet nowadays is at a quite dangerously small degree.

There is no guarantee that we will not be swept away the way Atlantis and other civilizations in advance of that have been.

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