Marines Requirements – Weight For Male Recruits

Marines Requirements – Weight For Male Recruits

So you’ve been thinking about joining the US marines and you’re wondering about the marines requirements and if your weight can be the reason why you won’t be accepted. Before we jump into that, let’s first briefly discuss what exactly is the United States Marine Corps or USMC is. It is a branch of the armed forces of the United States which is responsible for providing force projection from the sea and it makes use of the United States Navy to rapidly deliver pooled arms task forces. To make it simple, the marines are also known as the “Infantry of the Navy”. They are the experts in amphibious operations.

The marines requirements or body fat limit for male recruits is 18%. You can find out more about this topic in Marine Corps Order 6100.12. Before going to the basic training, the recruits should meet various weight standards also known as the “Retention Weight Standards”. If you do not meet the strict standards, don’t give up just yet because you can still be in the basic training as long as the following conditions are given:

1.) Your weight is within 5 percent of the current retention weight standards. You can then go to the basic training without having to sign a waiver as long as you pass the IST.

2.) Your weight is more than 5 percent of the retention weight standard but you were able to pass the IST and receive a waiver from the Marine Corps Recruiting District Commanding Officer.

3.) Your weight is more than 10 percent over the retention weight but you passed the IST, you are within body-fat standards (18%) and received a waiver from the Marine Corps Recruiting Region Commanding General.

For specific marines requirements regarding weight, you can read the MCO P1100. 72B. For every height, weight and age, there’s a specific minimum and maximum weight requirement so you better check into this as early as now before even trying to apply and talk to a recruiter. You may want to reach your target weight so you won’t have to think about the 3 conditions mentioned above.

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