May 21, 2022

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Lawsuit alleging COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy by hospitals dismissed

A 2nd federal lawsuit filed versus the 6 regional clinic teams, alleging they conspired from their personnel by requiring COVID-19 vaccines, has been voluntarily dismissed.

It’s the second time the antitrust lawsuit has been submitted and then voluntarily dismissed.

Among the allegations was that the medical center groups – Cincinnati Children’s Clinic Medical Centre, the Christ Medical center Well being Network, Bon Secours Mercy Wellbeing, TriHealth, UC Health and St. Elizabeth Health care – are necessitating workforce to be vaccinated even however, in accordance to the lawsuit, there is no growing spread of the delta variant.

“The plan was uncomplicated,” the lawsuit claimed. “If the six massive units caught alongside one another, all the workforce would be trapped.”

The pandemic and the vaccines created to struggle it, the lawsuit alleged, is part of a fraud perpetrated by “government, pharmaceutical (firms), social media, mainstream media, company America, healthcare and political get-togethers.”