Knowledge of the Historic Norse and Religious Quantum Physics

Knowledge of the Historic Norse and Religious Quantum Physics

The World’s oldest traditions tell us that very long ago all peoples inherited a system of sacred truths.

The Rules of Non secular Quantum Physics tell us that every little thing that at any time was, is or will be exists in the timeless, space-fewer Quantum Ocean, which in truth is the Intellect of God.

This wisdom always existed and exists now. It only desires to be brought out of the Quantum Ocean, dusted off and introduced in a language much more befitting to the New Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Aquarius is a new electrical power offered to all mankind on the planet. It will be with us for 2000 a long time.

The knowledge of the Ancient Norse with its myths, rituals and esoteric philosophy is wine in previous flasks,

You are not able to put the new wine (energy) of the Age of Aquarius into these aged Piscean (previous 2000 several years) flasks.

For modern-day day Northern Europeans in search of out the wisdom and know-how of their Ancestral Soul we require new flasks. New understanding of the myths and rituals are needed. We want to do these ourselves.

It is time to penetrate to the core of influenced indicating, hidden in the Norse myths using contemporary day language and the Legal guidelines of Religious Quantum Physics.

To the Norse bards or skalds, the interaction between gods and giants represented the conversation of spirit (gods) and subject (giants) through mansion following mansion of planetary and photo voltaic spheres in All-Father Odin’s domain.

The modern science of Religious Quantum Physics has presented us a broader see exhibiting us that the All-Father Odin’s domain is just a person small domain in the infinite domain known as the Quantum Ocean, Head of God.

It is the nicely known Volsupa or Sibyls Prophecy that tells of the development of worlds, of Odin’s search for knowledge in the spheres of subject (Quantum Ocean), and when the Gods withdrew and Earth was no more.

This is stated in the Guidelines of Spiritual Quantum Physics by the thought of ‘blinking in’ and ‘blinking out’ of almost everything that exists in the Quantum Ocean.

People ‘blink in and out’ (reincarnation), animals, vegetation, planets, suns, solar units and according to the Ancient Aryan Brahmin philosophy, so will the full Universe when God breathes in.

Every thing exists and under no circumstances dies and every thing ‘blinks in and out’ according to its individual time desk.

When Odin hung on the windswept tree for 9 nights, he compensated the sacrificial selling price that authorized him to see the runes inside of the Quantum Ocean, exactly where they usually existed for eons, and convey them out.

We are creating a new way for our Kindred to understand the knowledge of the Historic Norse and the runes.

All is electricity. We reside, go and have our remaining within an infinite timeless, room a lot less stage referred to as the Quantum Ocean, Intellect of God.

It is our activity, as kindred, to ‘think’ our way into the Quantum Ocean and bring out this Ancient Norse Wisdom and put it in new flasks.

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