Everything you need to know about an at home DNA test

Everything you need to know about an at home DNA test

Everything you need to know about an at home DNA test

During pregnancy you are mainly busy preparing for the arrival of your baby. You would prefer to have the nursery ready as early as possible and the first clothes and toys should already be in the closet. However, there can be a big dark cloud over the pregnancy if there are doubts about something. Consider, for example, doubts about fatherhood. You can perform an at home DNA test to find out who the actual father is. But what is involved in these tests? And what other tests can you perform?

Easy to perform yourself

An at home DNA test is intended to remove doubts as quickly as possible. When you order the tests, a complete test kit will be delivered to your home. This comes with a user manual, which you must read carefully before performing the test. It only takes a few steps to take the DNA, after which you send everything to the lab. Your DNA is examined in the laboratory, after which the results are recorded on paper. It can be an exciting time waiting for the results, but you will have a lot of clarity afterwards.

Testing fertility during pregnancy

However, doubt can also arise because you are not sure whether you are fertile. If a doctor has told you that the chances are small that you can have children and your partner is pregnant, you also want to know for sure whether the child is yours or whether adultery has been committed. A fertility test offers you even more clarity and can also improve your peace of mind. After obtaining the results, you can always decide which steps you want to go through and whether you will raise the child together if it turns out that you are not the father. The test can therefore also provide new insights about the future and the relationship.

Multiple tests possible for different purposes

There are plenty of DNA tests to be found that ensure that you no longer have any doubts and that make you look at life differently. DNA testing with DDC gives you plenty of options, allowing you to learn more about your life and possibly take new steps. Every DNA test is easy to perform at home and is thoroughly examined in the laboratory. High accuracy is therefore guaranteed and you no longer need to perform additional tests to obtain new information

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