Crystal Orgone Ond Generator How To Use It Combined With the Regulations Of Quantum Physics Strengthen Life

Crystal Orgone Ond Generator How To Use It Combined With the Regulations Of Quantum Physics Strengthen Life

Catch the attention of wellbeing/prosperity and contentment using the mix of Quantum Physics and Orgone Technological innovation.

Quantum Physics tells us we generate our very own fact by what we believe. Our feelings generate our long term. If we want well being/prosperity and happiness then we must feel this way. Challenge is we simply cannot keep these ideas energetic in our minds for any size of time.

We can use the science of orgone turbines to keep our feelings continually alive in the Quantum Ocean until they manifest in our lives.

These kinds of a unit is the Ond Orgone Generator. This highly effective orgone generator has 5 DT crystals in its base.

Totally free your home from all adverse vibrations. This will help you entice wealth. Apparent your brain of interfering and disruptive vibrations from mobile telephones, ELF towers and Television set and laptop or computer radiations. This will aid you find peace of brain, and deliver the psychological frequencies of your system in line with nature.

The Ond Orgone Product generates life drive, it is a basic radionics unit.

A radionics machine leads to a immediate transfer of everyday living drive from the infinite common storehouse, now recognised as the Quantum Ocean (Brain of God.) This everyday living force is then modulated (formed) by means of a cure (image, radionics location, photo,and so on) to a target — YOU.

Daily life drive has several names Prana, Chi, Mana, Ond, Odic, Animal Magentism, and so forth.

Development OF THE OND ORGONE Machine

The movement of two fields of existence pressure relative to just about every other generates more Life Force. This is very comparable to moving two parts of copper wire by means of a magnetic industry — electrcity is created. The Ond Orgone System takes advantage of proportional amounts of COPPER BB’S and NON-METALIC RESIN. One appeals to Daily life Force. The other repels it.

This Drive – PULL of everyday living force fields generates more existence power. The embedded CRYSTAL wrapped in a COPPER COIL sets up a pulse generator which sets up a Harmonic Earth Resonant Frequency.

The CONIC PYRAMID, a sacred geometrical form, delivers the house (matrix) for the intereaction of the everyday living drive fields. It also modulates the outgoing waves. A human being standing shut to the Ond Orgone Machine will attract this lifestyle power into their aura. A STRUCTURAL Connection of a individual (hair, blood or picture) will also attract this lifestyle power. All dangerous EMF vibrations close to the Ond Orgone Generator will transmuted into great life force.

Principle OF Operation

Energy, magnetism, gravitation, elf waves, mobile phones, radioactivity, and so on, are all invisible energies on the actual physical plane of existence. They all give off vibrations. Some of these man created vibrations are hazardous to individuals. Wilhelm Reich called them DOR (deadly orgone). The energy of these EMF forces diminishes with the square of the distance traveled. Life pressure is also invisible, but on a increased plane. It is not man produced and can even be directed mentally. The wonderful shamans, medicine males and healers of all times utilised their minds to mail lifestyle drive to recover and maim. A lot of sensitive persons can really feel this drive.

This everyday living pressure does not vacation as a result of 3-dimensional place as EMF waves do. It moves as a result of hyper-room through STRUCTURAL Backlinks. The more precise the backlink the much better the movement of daily life drive.


If daily life power is utilized to a strand of your hand, by using a Radionic device, the existence power will enter you no make any difference what the distance. It is the simularity of constructions that dictates the transfer of existence power not bodily length. Due to the fact your hair (DNA) is a very similar framework to your overall body (DNA) the daily life pressure transfers effortlessly. Healing commences, Wealth commences relocating to you, Joy commences from inside.


MAGIC down by way of the ages is no far more than the projection of lifestyle force focused by the human mind. Magicians, shamans, healers all experienced the will energy of concentrated psychological powers to maintain these magical procedures. We right now do not have that self-control, we have to have aid.

The Ond Orgone Unit is a very simple radionics product and will make it possible for us all to be fashionable day magicians. It will source concentrated life power . We want only source the healing symbols and the focus on.

Safety FROM Damaging EMF WAVES

Lifetime power is produced when you interact two Lifestyle Power fields. The Ond Orgone Device will supply one particular pressure field, the DOR or the EMF waves of powerlines, cell phones, computer systems, Television sets. ELF towers, coming into your property will act like the 2nd industry. The conversation of these two fields will generate extra very good lifetime power .

In addition the DOR field will be absorbed by the Orgone Product. The motion will be very identical to how an air cleaner in your dwelling is effective. It is also identical to the way a tree usually takes in terrible air and gives off excellent air.

The Orgone Generator will perform as a simple radionics unit in which you can appeal to to your self wellbeing, prosperity and joy by using the appropriate symbols. I choose to use the runes. And It will also assist apparent your house from destructive DOR waves.


Wilhelm Reich shown that the blend of organic components (plastic resin, soil, wooden, cotton, and so forth) and a metallic materials produces a matrix which draws in and captures Orgone strength. (Life-Drive)

When you increase a ‘Crystal’ to the combination, simply because of the inherent mother nature of the crystal, you can now application your Ond Orgone Gadget. You can mentally plan the crystal to immediate the orgone vitality to a sure task, purpose or need. The Ond Orgone Gadget is a uncomplicated radionics system. Radionic gadgets build orgone vitality and mail it to a target. The Conic Pyramid condition (sacred geometrical solid) gives a Woking Matrix (discipline) for the Ond Orgone Generator to suck into it ‘DOR’ (lethal orgone energy) and transmute it to beneficial orgone electrical power.


Considering that all the things we see on the bodily airplane was initial in the Quantum Ocean or Intellect Of God (character), or was designed by Man’s Head, we can use the ability of your mind, your mental powers to augment the operational method of our Ond Orgone Generator. (What a single male can do another can do!)

Charging or programming your Orgone Generator with your psychological powers, in direction of a unique objective:

Hold the Orgone Gadget in both equally fingers in entrance of your Photo voltaic Plexus. You can be seated or standing. Take a deep breath and inhale as a result of the top rated of your head (pituitary gland) Breathe in this Common Therapeutic Inventive Electrical power.

Consider it this way:

With the Orgone Generator in your palms, breathe in spirals of white glowing innovative therapeutic light-weight from the Sunlight. Remember even if it is night time time exactly where you are, the Sun is shining somewhere. And for our applications the sun is the maximum supply of imaginative, healing energy we need to Co-Produce our aims and affect our truth. Breathe in this shining, spiraling electricity and say mentally to yourself:

“I AM NOW INHALING THE DIVINE Creative, Therapeutic Power OF THE Sunshine INTO Each individual Mobile OF MY Physical, Psychological, Mental AND Spiritual BODIES.!”

With eyes closed, maintain this impressive power in just you. Then very bit by bit, as you exhale, pour this power out of you by way of your Third Eye (Pineal Gland in center of your forehead). Mentally pour it into the crystal within the Ond Orgone Machine that you are holding amongst your palms. You will now be programming your Orgone Generator with the electric power of your will and psychological energies. You will begin to Co-Build what you want and need into your lifestyle.

“I AM NOW MANIFESTING Ideal Wellbeing INTO MY Lifetime As a result of THE Energy OF MY OND-ORGONE GENERATOR.


“I AM NOW Cleansing MY Residence OF ALL DOR (EMF WAVES, ELF WAVES, Destructive RADIONIC WAVES, Tv VIBRATIONS, Laptop or computer VIBRATIONS, Cell Mobile phone VIBRATIONS, Detrimental Feelings, Feelings AND Feelings Staying Sent MY WAY AND/OR MY People WAY) Through THE TRANSMUTING Electrical power OF MY OND-ORGONE GENERATOR.

” ALL DOR IN MY Residence IS NOW Transformed TO Optimistic Resourceful, Therapeutic Strength”.

OR :


BORN-DIE Breathing

Bear in mind the whole universe vibrates and pulses with lots of rhythms. By breathing in therapeutic, creative orgone in by way of the top rated of your head (pituitary gland) and out the entrance of your head (peneal gland) you are tuning into the resourceful enegies of the universe. In -out, In -out, In -out. Born -die, born – die, born die. You are bringing in unmanifested pure creative power from its greatest degree and applying it to generate on the actual physical airplane, the most affordable level. Allergorically speaking you are bringing heaven down to Earth! Given that the crystal is several-fawceted you can software numerous psychological views into it. You can use symbols (Runes, Astrological Indications, and many others) therapies (homeopathic therapies, Bach flower treatments, shades etc) to assistance you determine your ambitions far more specifically.

Man IS AN IMMORTAL SOUL, NOT JUST A Actual physical Body

System your Orgone Unit with the energy of your Will and Intellect. Male is considerably, significantly additional than a physical physique. He is an Immortal Soul that life inside of the confines of a bodily entire body to encounter earthly daily life. He is not a physical human body that has a soul. He is a soul that has developed a actual physical overall body. He was specified by the Creator (God, Grand Architecht of the Universe, the power to Co-Develop his individual actuality and destiny to some degree.

Wake up your powers now! Also extended the powers of your pituitary and pineal glands have been dormant. They are god given applications which will assist you Co-Build. The functionality of the Pituitary Gland which sits on the prime of your head is to carry into your personalized fact, higher innovative forces. To support you to commune with beings in higher stages of consciousness. To deliver you knowledge, which is as much exceptional to awareness as calculus is to arithmatic. The perform of the Pineal Gland, which is situated in the center of your brow, is to enable you immediate these larger forces into your personalized bodily actuality and let you to Co-Develop.

As soon as you awaken these dormant glands you will experience a synapse. This synapse is a spark that will link your pituitary to your pineal glands. This will not be a actual physical relationship but a better dimensional link.. This link is known as Cosmic Consciousness. It is in just you not without the need of (the Kingdom of Heaven is within just!). You will convey innovative electricity down and send out it out.

“AS Above SO Underneath!”

How extended does it get working with the Orgone gadget and your Pineal-Pituitary Circuit to manifest into your lifetime what you motivation? How thick is the wall of negative programming within just on your own? What programming have you allowed within of you? Programming thatl stops riches, abundance, health and happiness from vibrating into your life?

No make any difference how thick this wall is, the electric power of your Ond-Orgone Generator and your Pineal-Pituitary circuit will slowly, surely and steadily bore a gap by it. Much like a miner deep in the earth bores a hole by the thick rock to get at the GOLD. The gold is there, it exists. Your well being, wealth and abundance are there. They exists in the Divine Blueprint which is the program for your daily life. Joy, wellness and wealth are presents from the Creator God. They are your legacy. The blueprint for a large oak tree resides inside the tiny acorn, and all it has to do is mature into it. You far too have a divine blueprint and with the assistance of your Ond Orgone generator and these straightforward recommendations you can grow into your happier long term.

All over again a Warning !!! As you use your new Co-Producing Powers keep in mind: “There are a million issues you can have and a million matters that you can not have”

Decide on Sensibly!

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