cAMP Boost Review: Do Nutraville Fat Burner Ingredients Work

cAMP Boost Review: Do Nutraville Fat Burner Ingredients Work

cAMP Boost is a nutritional supplement from Nutraville that claims to help you lose weight.

By taking two capsules of the fat burner daily, you can purportedly lose 4lbs in 7 days, then continue losing weight over the coming weeks and months.

Is cAMP Boost the fat burner you’ve been waiting for? Does it really help you lose weight? Or is cAMP Boost yet another diet pill scam? Please keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Nutraville’s cAMP Boost and how it works.

What is cAMP Boost?

cAMP Boost is a fat burner sold online through the official website. Nutraville makes the supplement.

Nutraville describes cAMP Boost as a safe and powerful fat-burning formula that uses the strongest PDE-4 inhibitors available. These inhibitors remove the enzymes blocking fat loss while boosting the fat-burning messages sent from cAMP molecules. Through these mechanisms, cAMP Boost can purportedly tell your cells “to burn fat hour by hour, nonstop.”

cAMP Boost is priced at $67 per bottle and backed by a 365-day moneyback guarantee. Each bottle should last for one month. However, the company recommends doubling the dose to maximize the fat-burning effectiveness of the formula.


How Does cAMP Boost Work?

cAMP Boost uses six active ingredients to help you lose weight, including grapefruit extract, guarana seed extract, grains of paradise extract, and black pepper extract.

The manufacturer recommends taking one capsule twice daily (morning and mid-day) to help you lose a significant amount of weight. The manufacturer also recommends doubling the dose to maximize the fat-burning effects of the formula.


Here’s how Nutraville, the maker of cAMP Boost, describes the effects of cAMP Boost:

“cAMP Boost is a powerful fat loss formula that uses ingredients shown in studies to increase cyclic amp signals to fat cells. Those cyclic amp alerts cells to release and burn fat; so that you can effortlessly lose fat hour by hour.”

Every one of us has an enzyme in our bodies called PDE-4. This enzyme blocks your body from sending fat-burning signals to your cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). cAMP is the most important messenger for sending signals to your cells to burn fat. When PDE-4 is present in your body, it prevents you from maximizing fat burning.

Here’s how the c-AMP Boost website explains the effects of cAMP and PDE-4 on your weight loss:

“There’s a certain “signaling molecule” in the body called cAMP… And this signaling molecule sends messages to your cells to burn fat. However… there’s also a “signal-muting enzyme” in the body called PDE-4… that targets and blocks the fat-burning signals sent from cAMP molecules.

When PDE-4 blocks cAMP signals, it makes it hard to burn fat – even if you’re eating right and exercising.

Unfortunately, as we get older, the body creates more PDE-4, which is one cause of unwanted weight gain with age. Nutraville claims cAMP Boost stops PDE-4, inhibiting the enzyme and unlocking effective weight loss.

How Does cAMP Boost Stop PDE-4?

cAMP Boost works as a PDE-4 inhibitor, helping to unlock your fat-burning capabilities.

To block PDE-4, cAMP Boost combines Sinetrol with natural ingredients. The Sinetrol in cAMP Boost deactivates PDE-4 enzymes and boosts fat-burning cAMP signals to your fat cells.

cAMP Boost also contains Bioperine, a black pepper extract shown to enhance the absorption of ingredients.

Together, the ingredients in cAMP Boost can help with all of the following benefits:

  • Lose weight safely and rapidly
  • Flatten your belly
  • Burn calories
  • Turn unsightly white body fat into fat-burning brown fat
  • Help your cells burn fat hour by hour, non-stop

Nutraville claims the ingredients in their formula act as “the strongest PDE-4 inhibitors available,” removing the enzymes responsible for blocking fat loss. These ingredients also boost the fat-burning messages sent from cAMP molecules, telling your cells to burn fat hour by hour, non-stop.

The Importance of Brown Fat

cAMP Boost also targets brown fat within your body, turning your white body fat into fat-burning brown fat. Yes, there’s a difference between types of fat within your body. Some types of fat are better than others.

White fat, for example, contains only one or two mitochondria. Brown fat, meanwhile, contains a dozen mitochondria, making it a fat-burning powerhouse.

By increasing the amount of brown fat activity within your body, you can make it easier to lose weight. The more brown fat you have, the more calories your body burns.

cAMP Boost contains an African spice that purportedly “toasts” white fat tissue within your body. Here’s how Nutraville explains the effects of that ingredient:

“I like to think of it like roasting a marshmallow over a crackling fire because there’s a certain hot African spice that “toasts” white fat tissue… And we’ve added this to our cAMP Boost formula to help literally transform stubborn body fat into this body-slimming fat that reshapes your figure and gives you tons of energy.”

This ingredient and other ingredients within cAMP Boost can purportedly reactivate this fat-burning brown fat, making it easier to lose weight.

How Much Weight Can You Lose With cAMP Boost?

The cAMP Boost sales page is filled with stories of people losing significant weight using cAMP Boost.

According to Nutraville, you can wake up looking leaner, younger, and sexier in the mirror each morning. Instead of starting each day frustrated by your weight loss progress, you can wake up feeling motivated.

Here’s how much weight you can lose, according to the website:

“You’ll suddenly lose 10, 20, even 30 pounds or more of heavy, ugly body fat and amaze your family with a mind-blowing transformation that actually came pretty darn easy…Pull your favorite pair of jeans up past your thighs again… and look bootylicious (in a sexy way).

Other weight-loss claims made on the cAMP Boost sales page include:

In one study on an ingredient within cAMP Boost, participants lost up to 677% more body fat than the placebo group – just by taking a PDE-4 inhibitor supplement

In another study, participants lost fat 6x faster than the placebo group while losing 5.53% of their body fat after just 4 weeks, dropping a total of 15.6% of their body fat after 12 weeks; researchers in this group took a sour fruit compound that works as a PDE-4 inhibitor

In another study, researchers found that participants were burning an extra 180 calories “with literally no effort” after taking one of the ingredients in cAMP Boost; participants in that study lost 63% of their fat mass over a 4 month period

One woman introduced on the website claims she lost 22lbs of body fat after 8 weeks while taking cAMP Boost, or around 2.5 to 3.5lbs per week

Some diet pills make unrealistic weight-loss claims, suggesting you can lose 50lbs in a month without dieting or exercising. The cAMP Boost website is more realistic, citing scientific studies, peer-reviewed research, and real customer experiences. Like other diet pills, cAMP Boost should complement healthy diet and exercise habits – not replace them.

cAMP Boost Ingredients

cAMP Boost uses Sinetrol and other ingredients to help you lose weight. Some of these ingredients inhibit PDE-4. Other ingredients increase cAMP signaling. Together, these effects can help you burn more fat 24 hours a day.

Here are the ingredients in cAMP Boost and how they work, according to Nutraville:


Sinetrol is a proprietary formula that targets the root cause of stubborn belly fat: the enzyme called PDE-4. This enzyme blocks the fat-burning activity of cAMP, making it difficult to lose weight. Sinetrol has been studied for its weight loss benefits, and multiple studies have shown Sinetrol can have powerful effects on weight loss.

Grains of Paradise

Grains of paradise is an herb native to southern Ethiopia. This is the ‘hot African spice’ mentioned in the brown fat section above. According to Nutraville, grains of paradise can activate brown fat within your body. Brown fat burns more energy than white fat. Turning your white fat into brown fat, grains of paradise can purportedly have powerful effects on weight loss. Participants taking grains of paradise burned 100 calories per day more than a placebo group in one study.

Guarana Seed

cAMP Boost also contains guarana seed, a natural extract linked to weight loss in multiple studies. In one study, participants taking guarana seed lost 16.3lbs and 5.1% of their body fat over an 8 week period. Guarana appears to work by helping you burn more calories, leading to “safe and rapid fat loss,” according to Nutraville.

Grapefruit Extract

cAMP Boost contains grapefruit extract, a sour superfruit popular for weight loss. Dr. Oz recently praised grapefruit’s weight loss benefits, claiming “this ingredient is back for weight loss…and better than ever.” According to Nutraville, grapefruit extract helps control body weight by increasing cAMP signals sent out to cells, creating a safe and rapid fat loss. In one study, participants taking grapefruit extract lost 333% more weight than the placebo group.


The final ingredient in cAMP Boost is Bioperine, a special type of black pepper extract. Nutraville added this ingredient to enhance the absorption and bioavailability of other ingredients in cAMP Boost. According to Nutraville, Bioperine “works like a shield around each ingredient,” helping each ingredient deliver its maximum benefits to your body.

The Story Behind cAMP Boost

cAMP Boost was created by Carly Johnson, a wife, and mother who was frustrated with her weight gain. Carly’s husband left her for a skinnier woman. That woman later made fun of Carly’s weight, teaching her son to call Carly fat.


Humiliated and annoyed, Carly decided to take action. She started researching natural cures for weight loss. She felt like she did everything right, including dieting and exercising, yet she was not losing weight.

Eventually, Carly stumbled upon PDE-4 inhibitors and the ingredients above. She teamed up with her friend, John, to create the ingredients in supplement form. After taking the formula, Carly lost 22lbs in 8 weeks.

Motivated by her weight loss success, Carly decided to sell the supplement online in the form of cAMP Boost.

Carly is careful to explain she’s not a doctor or a nutritionist: she’s just an ordinary woman who decided to create a weight loss supplement. Today, anyone can buy cAMP Boost online through the official website, potentially enjoying similar weight loss results to Carly.

cAMP Boost Ingredients Label

Nutraville publishes its full list of ingredients and dosages upfront, making it easy to compare the supplement to scientific studies and competing for weight loss aids.


The full list of ingredients in one capsule of cAMP Boost includes all of the following:

  • 450mg of grapefruit extract, guarana seed extract, citrus Sinensis extract, and blood orange concentrate (in the form of Sinetrol Xpur)
  • 40mg of grains of paradise extract (in the form of CaloriBurn)
  • 5mg of black pepper extract (in the form of Bioperine)
  • Other ingredients, including vegetable cellulose, titanium dioxide, rice powder, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide

Scientific Evidence for cAMP Boost

Nutraville claims every ingredient within cAMP Boost “has been proven in studies to be safe and effective.” The company cites dozens of studies on supporting its advertised benefits.

In this 2006 study, for example, researchers discussed the effects of phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors. Phosphodiesterases are a diverse family of enzymes that play a key role in regulating intracellular levels of the second messengers cAMP and cGMP, making PDEs crucial for cell function. There are three main types of PDE inhibitors, including PDE-3 inhibitors (for congestive heart failure), PDE-4 inhibitors (for inflammatory airway disease), and PDE-5 inhibitors (for erectile dysfunction).

It’s also true that PDE-4 activity drops with age. In this 2016 study, researchers observed age-related differences in PDE activity, leading to noticeable changes in cellular signaling. Researchers were analyzing the cardiovascular health effects of this PDE-4 activity – not the weight loss effects. However, it’s true that PDE-4 activity changes with age.

One of the biggest ingredients within cAMP Boost is Sinetrol. Sinetrol is a proprietary blend of citrus extracts backed by multiple clinical trials. As explained on, the compound has been proven to enhance body composition and fat loss in three clinical trials. In one study involving 77 overweight and obese subjects, subjects dropped an average of 63% of their excess fat body mass and burned an extra 180 calories per day after taking Sinetrol. Subjects also significantly gained lean mass, leading to healthier body composition.

It’s also true that brown fat is more metabolically active than white fat, possibly helping you burn more calories at rest. As explained in this 2009 study published in Diabetes, metabolically active brown adipose tissue (brown fat) contributes to energy expenditure. In fact, brown fat is a survival mechanism. It dissipates energy as heat and impacts daily energy expenditure, making it value for weight loss.

cAMP Boost contains a patented form of grains of paradise extract called CaloriBurn. As you may guess from the name, CaloriBurn is designed specifically to enhance the fat-burning effects of grains of paradise. In this 2014 study, researchers gave grains of paradise to participants for a 4 week period. Although researchers did not observe significant weight loss compared to a placebo, researchers did find that grains of paradise increased whole-body energy expenditure. Based on these results, researchers concluded that grains of paradise extract “may be an effective and safe tool for reducing body fat.” Participants took 30mg of grains of paradise extract per day, which is slightly less than the 40mg of grains of paradise extract in each capsule of cAMP Boost.

Overall, cAMP Boost contains ingredients and dosages proven to help with weight loss. Although Nutraville has not completed clinical trials specifically on cAMP Boost, the company has linked to many studies proving the ingredients in cAMP Boost can help you lose weight.

cAMP Boost Pricing

cAMP Boost is priced at $67 per bottle, although the price drops as low as $41 per bottle when ordering multiple units.


You can exclusively buy cAMP Boost through, where pricing breaks down like this:

  • 1 Bottle: $67 + $9.95 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $171 + Free Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $246 + Free Shipping

Each bottle contains a 30 day supply (60 capsules). You take one capsule twice per day to inhibit PDE-4, activate cAMP, and lose weight.

cAMP Boost Refund Policy

cAMP Boost is backed by a 365-day moneyback guarantee.

You can request a complete refund on your purchase (minus original shipping costs) within 365 days of your original purchase date.

If you did not lose a significant amount of weight while taking cAMP Boost, or if you’re unhappy with the results of the supplement for any reason, then you can request a full refund with no questions asked and no hassle.

About Nutraville

cAMP Boost is made by a nutritional supplement company named Nutraville. Nutraville is based in Valencia, California. The company makes three supplements, including Amyl Guard, Gluta Raise, and cAMP Boost.

You can contact the makers of cAMP Boost via the following:

  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: 28340 Ave Crocker, Valencia, CA 91355

cAMP Boost Final Word

cAMP Boost is a weight loss supplement sold online through the c-AMP Boost website. The supplement claims to help you lose weight by inhibiting PDE-4 and activating cAMP.

Overall, science tells us that cAMP Boost should work as advertised to help you lose weight. The supplement contains strong doses of proven ingredients linked to real weight loss results in multiple clinical trials. Plus, cAMP Boost is backed by a 365-day moneyback guarantee.

To learn more about cAMP Boost or to buy the supplement visit the official website today!

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