9 Awesome Benefits of Drinking Guava Juice That You Must Know!

9 Awesome Benefits of Drinking Guava Juice That You Must Know!


Have we not all savoured guavas on a plate with chaat masala sprinkled on top? Nothing compares to the decadent juice, jams, jellies, and murabba infused with an addictive strong-sweet scent. Unquestionably, it is a fruit that our grandmothers always praised well enough. The interior of the guava is packed with tiny, firm seeds which sometimes make it a task to chew properly, so having guava juice is a better and more convenient option to take those nutrients and minerals in. 

Guava has been recognised as one of the super fruits because of its multiple health advantages and distinctive flavour and scent. It really is a nutritious powerhouse. This unassuming fruit juice is incredibly high in antioxidants that are good for the skin, vitamin C, and lycopene. Guavas also include a lot of manganese, which aids the body in absorbing other essential elements from food.

Let us read more to know about the health benefits and nutritional benefits of guava juice. 

Nutritional value of guava juice:

Benefits of guava juice are not hidden. Here’s what the nutrient values look like –  

Nutrient components  Value/100 g
Energy  56 kcal 
Carbohydrate  14 g 
Sugar  13 g 
Dietary fibre  0.5 g 
Sodium  12 mg 
Vitamin C  24.0 mg 

9 Benefits of Drinking Guava Juice

Healthy for the Heart

Blood pressure swings are caused by an imbalance in sodium and potassium levels. One of the advantages of guava juice is that it balances sodium and potassium levels to control blood pressure. It also aids in controlling blood cholesterol levels, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy heart.

Helps in digestion 

Guavas are rich in fibre, one of the most significant nutrients. Fibre aids in the digestive system’s healthy operation and helps lessen constipation symptoms. Guava juice’s antibacterial qualities also help with the symptoms of dysentery or diarrhoea. You should consume guava fruit on a daily basis to get the full advantages of its nutrients. 

Maintains oral health

Include the fruit in your diet for the true guava juice advantages, but you can also profit greatly from its leaves. One of the advantages of guava leaf juice is that it promotes oral health by preventing issues that lead to unpleasant mouth odour.

It works well as a treatment for toothaches, mouth ulcers, and swollen gums. Guava’s antioxidant properties are useful in treating toothaches.

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Controls blood sugar levels

One of the main advantages of drinking guava juice is that it helps in controlling blood sugar levels. Guava is a must-have for diabetics since its low glycemic index makes it possible to absorb the excess sugar.

It efficiently controls the body’s potassium levels, which is necessary for a healthy heart.

Skin rejuvenation

Guava juice is incredibly rich in vitamins, minerals, and elements that support skin renewal and keep it glowing. Guava’s antioxidant qualities prevent skin ageing by stymieing free radicals. It’s health advantages also include improving the radiance and evenness of the skin’s tone.

Aids in the development of the foetus

Guava juice contains folic acid and vitamin B9, both of which are good for pregnant women since they support the proper growth of the foetus. Their presence shields infants against neurological problems.

Additionally, guava juice meets pregnant women’s daily needs for vital vitamins and minerals. To be safe, ask a doctor before consuming guava in any form as it can occasionally give pregnant women gas, flatulence, and stomach aches.

Good for eye health 

Guavas are high in vitamin A, which is essential for maintaining eye health as it helps in preventing cataracts and macular degeneration. Additionally, it aids in safeguarding eye cells and halts cellular ageing. One of the most important advantages of consuming guava juice is improved eye health.

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Promotes weight loss

Guava juice helps you stay in shape and maintain a healthy weight without depriving yourself of the necessary vitamins, fibre, and proteins. It keeps you satisfied for a longer period of time and reduces your cravings between meals, which is why it has health advantages.

For advice on how much juice to consume, speak with a dietitian because its high sugar content might cause you to gain weight (in some cases).

The best remedy for cold and cough

This vitamin C-rich drink can help you fight off seasonal flu, colds, and coughs. Guava juice aids in the removal of mucus that obstructs the flow of saliva and oxygen from the respiratory system as well as pathogenic germs and viruses. As an astringent, it prevents bacterial growth to alleviate lung congestion. 

Although the juice has several health advantages, you run the risk of getting a sore throat if you drink water immediately after eating the fruit or drinking the juice.

Final thoughts

Guava juice is a fantastic beverage since it has been shown to improve the body’s general health the most. The health advantages of guava juice are innumerable, ranging from enhancing immunity to offering immediate energy while calming the nerves and muscles.

The secret to good health is having a healthy gut, and guava juice can help you maintain your gut health by preventing digestive diseases. Now that you are aware of the advantages of its juice, what are you waiting for? Make up your mind and include guava juice in your regular wellness regimen.

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